List of useful numbers

Hereunder there are numbers which users of the web site find useful.

Phone number Comment Rate
9022180460 helpful if your suicidal 1
08009702727 They are clam time solicitors they are genuine not fake read up about them 100% genuine I have used them and glad I did 2
03331005000 Sky Customer Services 1
02078553116 Amazon Delivery 1
01460279950 Crewkerne Aqua Centre 1
01460258511 Ltd 1
02038897568 Ao customer services. Customer survey, legitimate call 1
02070195030 This number belongs to Union Insurance Services, an approved membership benefits provider for UK trades unions. We make NO COLD CALLS so a call from us will relate to an insurance policy that you hold or have registered for with us 1
02070178853 I think this is the National Federation of Retail Newsagents. This is not a scam number, it is a professional organisation who only calls its own member 1
0247318453 Just called me at getting on for midnight. Are they having a laugh? Yes, I have a faulty drier, but how unprofessional! I was worried at this time of night! 1
08000159010 tried calling back and it says indesit service centre and that they will call me back so likely genuine call as I have a faulty drier. They also have my email so lets see if they get their act together and send me an email... 1
08433810524 RCN Publishing company. This number is okay. 1
01274723979 The Co-operative Food 1
02079362604 Restaurants - Wrap It Up 1
07860035282 A call from this number was genuine in my case. 1
02392333467 Company providing website analytics, Lead Forensics. Actually quite a good tool. 1
3002003600 Online Services, HMRC systems. This helpline doesn’t deal with tax queries. 1
2077756280 Prompto 10 Minute Oil Change 1
5052478488 Amador Brothers Wheel Alignment 1
2077750968 Alan Auto Volvo Service 1
2077670092 Mike's Auto & Light Truck Service 1
8280863 Big Apple 1
7725477 Car Care Center 1
7750493 Cumberland Ave Garage 1
8004640729 NY Daily News 1
7233546 For Enrollment and Plan Changes Support (safelinkwireless) 1
08000480408 Apple Online Store 1
7267864 Help samsung 1
03444930787 Get help with baggage claims 1
4885744 CALL-24 Phone Banking 1
01777700877 Its hmp ranby! 1
01925420000 Audi Car Sales Warrington 1
08004643136 Definitely Nationwide. Sent the Nationwide twitter account a PM myself and enquiried. They replied and said that it was 100% one of their numbers, and if you were ever unsure, call 0800 30211 to check a number's authenticity. 1
01616966054 regarding a purchase 1
01782940214 Fowlers car finance 1
02079704658 Ed Tillotson Deputy managing director 1
02079704660 Joseph Vickery Account Manager – The Lawyer 1
02079704426 James Teixeira Account Manager – The Lawyer 1
02079704798 Chris Swinbourne Account manager – Lawyer 2B 1
02079704094 Jamal Alleyne Account manager – The Lawyer 1
02079704621 Victoria Reynolds Recruitment advertisment manager – The Lawyer & Lawyer 2B 1
02079704940 Hoby Abdel Delegate Sales Executive 1
02079704074 Edward Aldridge Delegate Sales Executive 1
02079704171 Emma Bower Sales director 1
02079704146 Lidiya Lipenko Key Client Director 1
02079704623 Jamie Cox Business Development Manager 1
02079704306 Jacquie Duckworth Sales director 1
02079704016 Kate Stent Client services executive 1
02079704204 Scott Eaton Business Development Manager 1
02079704612 Matthew Owen Business Development Manager 1
02079704667 Owen Raw-Rees Business Development Manager 1
02079704672 Richard Edwards Sales director 1
02079704525 Azmi Elkholy International Sales Manager 1
02079704647 Mark Philbrick Sales director 1
02079704771 James Varlow Research analyst 1
02079704941 Thomas Sturge Head of Research 1
02079704641 James Willer Reporter 1
02079704529 Rachel Moloney Reporter 1
02079704561 Jonathon Manning Reporter 1
02079704722 Natasha Bernal Projects editor 1
02079704756 Yun Kriegler Asia editor 1
02079704559 Richard Simmons Editor, Lawyer 2B and Careers 1
02079704557 Tabby Kinder News editor 1
02079704558 Matt Byrne Deputy editor 1
02079704637 Catrin Griffiths Editor 1
01498882503 Networkers recruitment agency 1
01322533157 MIND mental health charity 1
07953966066 This seems to be no big deal, if a text message is sent to a phone which can't receive it, usually a landline, you get an automated message telling you to call this number and it will be read out to you. If you are being bothered by repeat calls it is probably because someone else is sending you lots of text messages. I tested it by sending my landline a text message to confirm this. I think the number belongs to EE and it isn't a premium rate number. Any spam or harrasing messages are not caused by this number, it will be the people who sent you the original text. 1
08000282883 it is mbna legit 1
07850413397 Courtney Smith-Fagg 1
02392280721 This is an automated call (normally) to remind recipient of a hospital appointment. Will not usually leave a message on an answerphone. 1
08000325543 It's the physiotherapist - TICCS, don't ;eave a message so I assumed it was spam - as my pohone tells me it is! 1
08453560024 I rang Halifax about using my card online and was given this number to ring as part of their fraud department, it does seem to be the real number! 1
07553975966 I just got a really good saving on my life insurance. These people tried to contact me for weeks and I finally answered, at first I was cautious giving out details but they're only harmless questions anyway. 1
01616944841 Gregory Pennington 1
08006122455 This is SKY TV...It's a dedicated sales office in Hull, the people calling from this number do not have access to any details regarding existing sky customers, mainly as they only offer deals to potential NEW customers. If they call you and you are a sky customer it's not a scam, it's either that the Sky contract you have at your house is not in your name so that is why it's you we are contacting and not the named account holder or it's a genuine error. They use census data and data collected via things such as people entering competitions and surveys, if your not keen on being called in this way it's understandable, so perhaps you should keep your information to yourselves. 1
7042534585 Cardinal Financial, a mortgage company. Usually doing employment verification for someone who has applied for a mortgage and listed you as leadership in the company to verify 1
01564635118 It's RunYourFleet 1
01224693119 Must be generic number for NHS as our calls were from DR'S surgery in centre of town . 1
01202713919 As a coin collector I know this number to be from the marketing team of Westminster Colections offering to match my previous purchases up to their latest coins I've yet to own... 1
01312008902 The Belmont car garage and Murray Motors. They call to book your car in for a service/MOT when it is due then call to confirm the day before so that you don't forget. They may call again the day after to thank you and make sure everything went to plan. 1
290649528 I am being called by this phone number at least four times a week. 1
78023743356 useful 1