List of harrasing numbers

Harassing persons, are also very dangerous. The most frequently, the harassing persons/units are: automatic machines checking availability, perverts, psychotics, vindicators, telemarketers. Hereunder you can access a list of all harassing numbers we already know.

Phone number Comment Rate
01204238786 nuisance call 3
9706911911 Sales call for a med alert fall system! 1
01143494659 Rings my mobile at least 3 times a day. 1
01212706460 They called and called and called, must have been 5 times within 10mins. I ignored the call. 1
07375690458 Cold call sales... waste of time! 1
01513293212 fed up with these calls 2
6042845746 Someone saying the n word over and over 1
424525643 Harassing 1
02030641213 3 calls no answer 2
05684466666 Pushy patronising rude indian . 3
01480752087 Spoofed number. This number is used by a company claiming to be from a personal claims insurer. It's not their real number - this number is displayed when they call so you think it's local/someone you know. (01480 is local to me.) They are VERY pushy and have refused to take me off their calling list. 3
6136969696 will u send me nudes? ;) 1
02030020312 telemarketing should be banned very annoying 1
01913402527 spammers 1
01213890867 Guy with a heavy foreign accent rang to discuss a small accident I had.. load of rubbish told him to stopping 'fishing' and wasting my time.. he hung up then. 1
02036086533 The number rings and when answered a computerised voice says "good bye". However, it never rings just once, it rings all the time and I just ignore it now. 5
08452863155 Calls regularly at 2.30 every day on my mobile 1
03332120243 Been ringing me every week for months. 1
01296642108 Its debt collectors. I owe these money for an old HSBC account from years ago. 1
01582135472 Called, silent hung up after 4 seconds 1
01582455883 Girl called Amanda smith called telling me I'd been involved in an accident I said no she hung up 1
01412807837 yet another nuisance call. called 4 times already today.thank god I can see the number calling me at least I don't have to answer it !! 1
03301596562 Had my 18th call from this number this morning on my mobile individual at other end gave my name and I told enough was enough no more calls didn't get to complete conversation because he cut me off tried ringing the number to 0192539476 to be withdrawn from these calls again got just a Beep? When you call 03301596562 the operator says they are a CLAIMS HELP DESK and not to be concerned about the call? Action should be taken to these sort of calls. 3
02070007087 I think this was a scam call saying they were from the traffic accident dept. the voice was from some one who was not English and ran off when I questioned them as to who had had an accident. 1
03543113073 Scam call. Said he was given number by East Sussex cc and was call from NHS re an accident I had had. (never had one). I asked for a number to call him back to check credentials and he hung up. 1
02874212859 Alert, alert, credit card scammers. 1
02030007950 Pain I am deaf so I can't call them or hear voice mail so I have to do this and block them 1
01513885651 4 calls from this number today. No-one there...just silence then "goodbye". 1
02037718118 They have called several times. No one speakes and after a minute they hang up. 1
07944890616 Received this harassing call. Needs to stop. 1
07184254791 Rings no speak and can't call number back 1
0759465642 i did not respond to this number 1
21631574124 scam 1
01336581261 Media match? told me it wasn't important and they will call me later.... 1
08000705135 Promotional Holidays . very rude called 3 times in a hour even after being told on the 2nd call we were not interested in the cheap holiday bad reviews on tripadvisor actually called me back to argue with me. 1
01220731590 This company is an absolute menace. We have had one or two calls a day from them for the last month. I have mentioned the TPS, asked them to take our number from their database but any request like that results in the line going dead. The caller is obviously paid "per lead" and will not take any time to "help out" the mark! 1
03332005734 Would not stop calling though out the day 1
02030007896 I was asked for by name Asian acsent 1
02136567641 Said calling about my hot point washing machine, which I don't have. So they then said, is it ... listing various brands. Hung up. 1
02036377653 Said calling about my hot point washing machine, which I don't have. So they then said, is it ... listing various brands. Hung up. 1
01239450917 PPI, phoned me at 8.25am this morning to say that I had £2741 waiting for me to claim it , seemingly it was owed to me from a "bank loan" I supposedly got in 2007, funny thing is ive never had a bank loan, they also asked me for bank details. I hung up and blocked them. Do not answer these people. 1
01241154134 Indian gentleman - Apparently from United Kingdom Preference - he quickly hung up when i attempted to probe a bit deeper 1
02081141202 Called 8times this morning while I was in work 1
01167446312 Some Asian chancer with a heavy accent trying to persuade me that my computer is at risk from a virus and that I need to take immediate action. I did and gave him 'what for' before he put the phone down. Make sure that you tell everybody you know about this scam especially those who might be vulnerable to phony calls from this scum of our society 1
01434551317 keep calling and when you answer no response just disconnection pips 1
02034751416 spam 1
01413672036 Ambulance chasing lawyers won't take no for an answer 1
01772220474 Automated message when I answered. Hung up. 2
01513292348 Woman asked for me by name. I asked her if I had asked for this call, which she ignored and continued to ask if I had a credit card with capital one, mbna etc. I asked again if I had contacted her company directly and she hesitated and said my number was taken from a credit database. Told her to remove my details and hung up. No, no, no. Idiots. 1
01244379689 society uk called. I told this Asian sounding man that I don't answer questions over the phone. he promised to phone me every day until I did. And i'm still meant to respect these foreigners in the uk. Bradford it seems. if I had a terminal illness and had access to a machine gunl, there might well be a lot of worried people in this country!!! 1
07894865338 scam 1
08450758861 Tesco, don't owe them anything but constantly call 1
01713473894 Pests calling about PPI absolute disgrace they STILL can cold call when it's against the law 1
01611720460 Said I had been in an accident.(not true) Said they had my number from the 'RTA Department'. When I asked which RTA department they hung up 1
01625800556 Caller said it was about non-existent PPI claim 1
1940170828 Claimed to be from BT, and said you have trouble with your computer, the router is indicating a problem at there office. I said I'm using a tablet and not a computer, he then called me stupid, and said you are waisting my time you stupid man, I shan't tell you what I called him lol. 1
07786821154 calling saying I had unpaid debts and these were affecting my credit rating. I asked what debts they were referring to and the operator told me to f*** off. 1
01914265432 My Husband and I have been ill and we are repeatedly being called by this number. I was so ill I didn't manage to answer on time, but did the 1471. I have complained about this number before./ We are over 80 now and these calls are so upsetting when we are waiting for a doctor or a concerned relative to call. Please PLEASE can't anyone stop these people who are invading our privacy whether we are young and at work or a busy Mum or Dad tending to children. They have absolutely no right calling anyone uninvited. I hope I manage to answer them to find out who they are, But would it make any difference? Does ANYONE care??? 1
01239682255 Had exactly same experience today as previous comment. I did not provide a correction to the incorrect postcode they suggested was mine. I also contacted BT and they confirmed this was nothing to do with them and advise they would investigate. 1
01172942785 multiple calls - no response, just hangs up 1
01162555255 called everyday for the last couple of weeks 1
02077489446 if I do not know number I reject call - no message left just more calls at all time of the day & night mainly calling from Sunderland & London - they do not know when to give up but very annoying - do not know who they are 1
08003160492 Keep calling and hanging up on me, now blocked number 1
01332387201 I've just cancelled Sky - this number rings me every day 1
02081448547 'Kevin Williams' just called me saying he was from BT and my router was unsecure. Asked for call back number and got 0208 144 8547 - it's a scam 1
01391735863 Asian rang me saying from BT asking if I had wi-fi switched on at moment - said no(I had it on) oh she said., sounded disappointed. Then asked me if I switched wifi off before going to bed. Asked her why she was asking this - went into her talk about saying she was from BT being and my wifi was being hacked over the past few days and they had my security in high regard- so asked her name - she muttered Rose Williams and I then asked for her contact number she quickly gabbled 0203...... asked her to repeat that more slowly and guess what she hung up. 1
01246846151 I returned this call and got an automated message saying "you were called by media match the call was not important and they will try again later" 1
01340075287 asian man claiming to be from microsoft wanting to access my pc 1
02008499502 Indian sounding guy called. Very poor line. He didn't really say what he wanted and when I asked him why he was calling me, he hung up. 1
01329511897 Annoying 1
0182489359 PPI scam call 1
01211722325 Accident claimline, tell me I've been in an accident, but I haven't. Rang off surprisingly quickly when I told them I hadn't. Blocked them 1
12245550142 I had a call from this number this morning - an Asian man saying he was from Microsoft and started talking about my computer. I told him that he shouldn't be calling me as I signed up to TPS but he just continued talking at me. I repeated this 3 times and he still continued with his pre-scripted talk. I then said that I wasn't interested 3 times and, guess what - he still continued talking as though I hadn't spoken. After the 3rd repeat he told me to "get lost" and I then hung up. I really must stop being polite and just hang up on these people. However, I really do like the idea of the whistle - must get one. 2
01253670540 Sounds of others in the background. Man with non-English accent said he was from an 'accident investigation company'. I said 'Please continue with your scam'. He replied 'It is not a scam'. I said 'Go on, then'. He said 'It has been reported that you have had an accident within the past two years. Are you the householder?' I said 'I am enjoying your scam', and the line went dead. 1
01211720460 Said I had been in an accident.(not true) Said they had my number from the 'RTA Department'. When I asked which RTA department they hung up 1
01217360311 Just called me asking if I had recently been in an accident...said no and put phone down. First call from them so far but now expect many more.. 1
01388224078 accident compensation local number so may get answered very persistant 1
01778425743 Dont answer 1
01506307244 Keeps pestering me with junk calls even though I am reverse red on TPS The company should be fined 1
2032903047 Silent call. Rang off when I answered 1
02031052283 spam 1
01259263782 Sales call - Scotland 1
01133230669 7 times in a row asking for Mr lea keep saying wrong number but they won't listen or tell me who is calling 6
02477952009 This is one of those - have you been in accident ? 1
0177983764 constant calls leaving messages about boilers. absolute pain ! 1
0174454484 this is another call from harassing people trying to 'sell' free boilers to people on benefits ... blocked! 1
02922460071 They call around 1130hrs daily, call drops if u pick up, no message! Runs mobile's battery down, so may cause one to miss a call one actually wants! Windows Phn again! 1
08000731776 Have had constant calls from this number in the last 3 days. No one speaks when answered, have now blocked the number 1
01904501278 Number called me regarding an accident I last 5 years. Really what accident was that then. Told them number was registered with TPS and wanted to know how they got my number because i hadnt asked them to call me just to be told I'm sorry for bothering you and they hung up. 1
01204565110 'Josh' from a Call Centre up North asking about a potential refund for PPI I have outstanding... do yourself a favour and add this to your blocked list. Another nuisance call!!! 1
01375294527 Called then silence 11:45 16.12/16 1
02092828062 I actually answered a call from this number. They wanted to know if I wanted a will doing or a funeral plan. 1
1234339686 This is number that keeps calling ? 1
07519342410 Dylan willams local drug dealer from clacton Essex 07519342410 1
01924659973 cold call scam after personal details relating to non-existant accident claims 1
01522381732 Ppi 1
01992282680 Sexy sounding girl that has called a number of times.Says she can't take my number off the call list unless I confirm my name. You have had a accident scam. Sometimes its just a silent annoying call 1
01617081615 Told me they were accident helpline and had got my details from my insurance company. I hung up.Contacted Insurance company- they assured me they hadnt passed my info on. Contacted Accident helpline- they said they hadnt called me. 4
01134579779 Foreign person on my voice mail repeating "hello? Hello? Hello" have blocked rang at 11:11 1
01616608720 Scam about benefits and tax credits. Dial 9 to opt out!! I'd love to meet these people in person :) 1
01217322191 life insurance policy SPAM 1
01383696685 Keeps phoning but leaves no message 1
02031960090 This number has called me 6 times in 2 days. 1
07785499993 As with others this seems to have started when I got a new alarm installed. No idea how to stop them. I am going to contact the alarm company. 1
01916403809 Answered but no one spoke..hung up & blocked! 1
02089125906 Had a phone call from this number this morning from an older well spoken woman who was very authoritative, stating that I had entered an agreement with them blocking nuisance calls in October 15 with a payment of 98.99 being required for the second year as the first was free. This would cover me for this service for life even if I moved. I did not recall this and asked for copies of paperwork which she said she would send, she is calling back next week. I asked for her number so that my daughter could ring and help sort this out she refused saying it was nothing to do with my daughter I was the one who entered into the agreement. This has flustered me as I have just had an operation. Other elderly people might fall for this it has to be stopped 1
01460396002 Asked if I was Mr Barstable and when I replied no they hung up - twats 1
01309273453 When I answered the man was laughing and joking with a colleague*? discussing personal lives. On realising I had answered he knew my name. I told him whatever company he was calling from it wasn't very professional and asked for my number to be removed. He said "I dont know what your talking about you silly sausage"?!?! WTF? Who are these "car accident type scam companies' even employing?!? Just shows they are not a real company in my opinion- do not trust 1
16473651112 Initially answered and when I said I wasn't interested and not to call back they kept calling. I've since blocked the number but they keep calling back every few minutes. Annoying. I'm on the government do not call list so I have no idea how they got my number. 1
02036775430 This number keeps calling despite being told to remove our number from their books 1
01376403106 Insurance Scammers - Non-existent company - they say they're from "UK Consumer Protection" 1
01772972683 Nuisance call from carphone warehouse 1
01789590654 Upon answering the call there is silence..... 1
7157959591 credit card "no problem with your account" spammers. Filling by block list back up. 1
0402228462 Didn't hear what they said about who it was, but told me conversation was being recorded so I ended call. Probably insurance nuisance call. 1
01619747431 They called saying straight away it was about a pension review. No announcement of who they were. Annoying woman so told her to go away! 2
07972635852 PPi scam 1
03333381015 Been rung several times by variations of this number (1015,1022,1021,1020,1014) they never leave a message if its not picked up & generally silent if picked up - Complete nuisance 4
01695346497 Chloe called about my life insurance policy. I don't have a life insurance policy. At least she wasn't rude. 1
02895832324 One of many 02895 that call my mobile daily. I stayed silent when I lifted the call and the automated system hung up on me. When I did say hello it takes you to a very noisy call centre so I hung up. 1
02085594499 Keep calling can't even say my name right..keep asking who they are and what do they want and get hung up on..ringing's fucking annoying ,poxy fraud scammers 1
01558515734 Motor after care a part of swinton insurance..they hung up when I asked why they were calling. 1
01856473861 This is not a true number. The code is an Orkney code but we don't have numbers starting with 47 in Orkney. 1
0203318423 Just a burst of static on the line. Called twice recently, now barred. 1
01618142504 Unsolicited call on to my mobile.Only friends and family have number and I have not knowingly given it out to the wider world. Had my name and was offering financial services. When I said this is an unsolved call....was quoted he was regulated by....some regularity body...very persistent. 1
0800064995 Saying they were02 1
01482293110 Insurance callers silent call. 1
02030340625 I've had the same experience. Very rude people.. I'm worried tho as they somehow have transferred money into my account & I would said it dnt want it.. how can I send it back as I don't want it..but they were very pushy on the phone and I'm worried.. 1
01603564982 Keep calling several times a day. No one there if I answer. I wish i could get an address for this number and dump a load of crud through their letter box.. 1
01613549688 No message left. Most likely a scammer 1
0156447396 Recorded message from (unspecified) PPI claims company. Reported to ICO. 1
18322804706 No message left 1
01928200997 Won't tell me who they are, when asked they hang up!!! 1
0188292623 I have had repeated calls about 'people on benefits being able to get a new boiler'. this happened four times yesterday and twice today. I am not on benefits, and we are all electric. 1
01673857866 This number keeps calling several times a day. When I pick up nobody's there. 1
01779562034 No idea as they didn't leave a message, I suppose it's another marketing aka Harassing call 3
02111252104 The phone rings and when I answer they hand up. They usually call around lunchtime. I have also had an automated voice alert stating that my credit card has been compromised, I immediately hung up on that call. I am .changing my phone number to try to escape these calls whether that will do any good I don't know. 4
02036349913 Asian man whom I couldn't understand, when I said he would have to speak very clearly as I have a hearing problem he hung up. What a surprise, really annoying to keep,getting calls 1
03336780061 I have been called several times a month by 03336780061 and in December so far on the following dates. 1-6-8-9-12-13th. Caller rings off when I answer. Very very annoying. 1
01542651519 Accident scam call! Blocked now 1
07739565755 Asian speaking. Couldnt really understand him very well. 3 calls today off different numbers. Very abrupt an rude 1
01463792411 2 missed calls from 01463792411 but no message left.. Thanks for the comment! I am going to block this number 1
07746449619 Received a call from same number..but didn't answer 1
02036342598 scam 1
01392973026 Wanted details of my pension! 4
01212136998 Answered phone and they hung up instantly. Called number back and was told i've dialled the wrong number by an automated message. Recieved 3 phone calls in total 1
01277289447 Called me the 1st time and I said not interested and hung up. 2nd time they called me the guy was very rude and had a moan off at me for hanging up 1
01204862791 Trying to insist I have had a car accident and they will help me with a claim. Won't tell me when the accident allegedly occurred and were being evasive. Caller blocked 1
01618142331 Experiencing up to 4 calls per day this week. I don't answer, but they don't leave a message. So I assume they can't really need to speak to me urgently. Probably a ppi scam. 1
01633704018 Rang me, asked if it was me (already knew my name), then hung up. 1
01248537866 Person on th phone stated i could be owed some money! I asked politely to take us of their list and that our number was an emergency phone! The tried to call us again within the hour an then put the phone down on us! 1
01213241111 scam 1
01215789995 Luckily didn't get to the phone on time (too early for me!), did 1471 and looked on here! Thanks for the info! 1
01702669481 Chap called said he was from Carphone Warehouse regarding a potential upgrade, I do all mine direct with O2 so asked where he got the number from at which point he got a bit agitated. I asked to be taken off their database and have blocked this number. 1
01554536970 Just this minute answered a call from this number to hear a man say oh bollox, then can I speak to Mrs xxxx xxx. I said that's no way to start a conversation. He hung up on me . Number blocked 1
02037019259 Its Lotto Social. trying to set up direct debit with you while on the phone for playing lottery. I had free time and killed it talking to them to see how far it will go.. The first caller got desperate and called her manager... He was nice at the beginning but when he saw he couldn't convince me he cut it short himself. Nothing too bad - just waste of time. The bad thing was that they knew my full name and address as well as phone number . 1
01426983750 Filthy Indian scammers - get yourself a BT 8600 and you'll never hear from these cnuts again. Also, don't be taken in by those other scammers in the UK who claim to help you stop these calls - 1
01413800233 Thank God for Samsung s7 warns you its a scam or fraud call! Blocked it don't like calls after 7 at night! 2
01267242595 Someon calling themselves what sounded like 'money rights'. Told them I was at work and couldn't speak. Hung up 1
01317728800 Had several calls over the past few days. They Can't sat our name right. Heavy Asian accent. keep on asking to do a marketing survey. We keep hanging up, but they won't give up. 1
01494642994 Very rude man at the other end of the line sounded confused when i said i hadnt been in an accident and hung up when i asked for my number to be taken off of this list. Blocked 1
01219495913 Just been called about a car accident which never been in - this is a scam. 1
08004089340 Keeps calling my mobile offering broadband. I'm on 50mbs which is fast enough for me. Put the number on calls barred list. 1
01769733702 Annoying 1
01134579765 Spoke to an Indian lady asking for Steven Hay... (not on my number). The messages people are getting on their voicemail about the silence then 'goodbye' is an automated system waiting for the caller to press a number button to request removal from some phone list. Suggest you add it to blocked callers or your black list. 1
01618503347 Message said HMRC are filing a law suit, well file away 1
01524644444 Didn't catch the name, but no matter because they are a bunch of lying scammers. Said my nuisance calls would stop so I said thank you and hung up. Didn't give them a chance to say anything else. Few minutes later another call, is that mr ? I jsaid wrong number and hung up. The number withheld. All reported to Ofcom. 1
02078215327 Call and the wife answered it went dead immediately a mobile number rang we left it. Could be a scam to get you to ring a premium number 1
01391735824 Girl who called herself Olivia Lewil called this morning. Her accent, which originated from the sub-continent was difficult to follow. She said she was from BT and was calling about inter-net activity on my computer giving a time after mid-night. She wanted me to go to my computer. I played her along and she gave me a location of her base as 81 Newgate of London. Shortly after this she shut down the call. I telephoned back, but the number was not recognised. 1
07527915436 An Asian guy in a call center environment by the background noise, who claimed to be from CAB and was calling about my outstanding debts - Which I don't have any of. Then hung up on the idiot 1
1158581350 Don't pick up! 1
1494642584 Annoying insurance claims consultant. 1
8009524863 Very rude saying he's from o2. Blocked no 1
4023933377 Calls but leaves no message 1
01134579776 They called and answer machine. 1
7480357009 Sms scam 1
01213890862 it's a scam 2
01152058210 Silent caller 1
07953222222 I have had several of these messages telling me I have a voicemail waiting. 1
01792776993 PPI. Very aggressive when I said I wasn't interested. 1
07565168506 Some chap with a story about being with Citizens Advice Bureau and a report of my credit difficulties. The CAB do not have such a branch or engage in such activities. Block their number. 1
07741471308 Rings no speak and can't call number back 1
07810206832 They keep calling me. Not entirely sure what they're after. 2
03336780027 Annoying phone calls about cavity wall insulation. I told them I wasn't interested, but they keep calling. 1
02030920041 Consumer survey. Getting loads of calls from similar numbers recently. 1
07700900439 Savers Club - phoning me every day many times from different numbers. 1
07926075215 Called me 2 times today and just got silence on the line 1
01132083110 Called me today, rang about three times than stopped. Number now blocked. 1
07768971083 Called me 3 times today 1
01134991265 Nobody there so just hung up. 1
017061200 2nd time to receive missed call from this number. Called back first time… 1
03451122203 Phoned me twice today, silence when I answered. 2
01234339686 Phoning everyday about 6-8 times 1
08000851107 This number is continually ringing my phone leaving no messages - any time from 7 am to 10 pm at night. 1
01153598553 Called me a few times. 2
01159101830 Kept calling everyday. Spam. 2
02030941701 Marketing call 1
01183600000 This number call then hangs up with no one on the other end. Creepy! 1
9783207863 Claims to be from the IRS through text messages but calls and texts at 2 AM 1
07463804966 Phone rang and when I answered it I could hear voices in the background but no one spoke , then some automated voice said ' Goodbye ' or something to that effect. 1
08001114612 Woman on the phone, uk based i think, waffling on about energy survey, hung up on her. 5