List of dangerous numbers

Watch out these numbers. This is a list of dangerous numbers and answering them may be risky for you. You may lose your money or be cheated in other way. Never answer calls made from dangerous numbers.

Phone number Comment Rate
4432731985 Danger 1
4087556595 This caller is dangereous 1
01612776688 Get a least one call a week I now just delete them , don't know how to get them stopped on mobile 2
01628362573 Accident spam 1
0800400100 Fraudsters 3
01144503176 Hi there, simply become aware of your blog via Google, and found that it's really informative. I'm gonna watch out for brussels. I'll appreciate if you happen to continue this in future. A lot of folks will probably be benefited out of your writing. Cheers! 9
9712280905 My mobile rang at 4.00PM. I did not recognize the call so I let it ring. No msg left. I think it is somebody that I did not need to receive a call from!!! 1
01916719946 Don't answer 1
01932347184 We received a phone call from this number yesterday and young woman asked for personal informations. 1
07741980370 Don't answer. Spam 1
01582604602 This number called me didn't leave message rang number back came up invalid. 1
01412183721 scammer 1
01268297650 ppi scam 1
01442211092 Scam car accident line. 1
01204766263 Some black rang me trying to get moore free monies off someone else. Typical black, scamming 1
08009524853 This number called my daughter several times and is not from o2. Scam...... 1
08000224447 I recieved an email to call this number and I was on the phone to fraud half an hour earlier due to money being transfered without my knowledge and had my online banking details changed do not give your details it's a scam 1
08000515504 Just checked this site as got a call from this number this morning. Don't even have an account with Very. Probably just another scam to frighten someone into giving card details over phone. Beware. 1
01582285107 Scamming from Luton. Number not recognised if you try to call back. 1
02070011407 Lady in foreign accent who actually called at 9.30pm sounded Asian almost slurred very noisy background, just kept making noises.dont even remember it sounding like a proper sentence spoken. Asked who she wanted to speak to but got rambling back. Don't answer this number!! 1
02307636735 As above but when I stopped him to repeat what I heard him say asked why I was being rude advised I wasn't just establishing facts advised no accident he apologised and hung up getting to many accident call not sure what scam is other than fishing. 1
02070152222 Leicester d*ckhead K***an Q***um d*ckhead 13 Park Vale Road Spinney Hill selling database of valid numbers to Scam with. FRAUD Fake Lies Leicester City 2006 1
02070000011 Like the previous comments, Somerset County Council, you have had an accident, London telephone number, obviously a scam! 1
02030007642 Someone called sindy called last night to say I had 1in3 chance of winning an I phone 7.also I could get £100 worth of Mac vouchers.then I was told I had qualified for 10 free euro millions draws on friday.all I had to do was give her bank details so that IF I was a winner on Friday they would pay my winnings into my account.i refused to give my details and when she asked how she would pay me my winnings IF I won I told her to send me a cheque.she was very persistent and I told her no way was I giving her my bank details and that I would accept a cheque,however this was not possible and she quickly ended the call.dont be fooled. 1
02030000000 said they were from yahoo 1
02030007916 These people get ur number off Facebook a watsapp chansers very cheeky a abusive if you don't play his game ask for his details he usually hangs up after realizing I'm waisting his time cheeky fucker !!!!! 1
01221748888 Someone claiming to be from Microsoft saying my computer is at risk. They want you to put in codes so they can remotely access your computer resulting in access to everything on your computer. 1
02035142369 Fake - Pretending to be a client that claims they are looking to recruit people. Companies they have claimed to be, include KUEHNE + NAGEL. Avoid. 1
01221122000 Asked about personal information and numbers relating to payment card. When I questioned their request they hung up! 1
02183218227 Viral Flick 4.50£ per Week! If you would like to find out more about this service or have a question about it, then you should contact the service provider: K2 Evolution LP Suite 4256, Mitchell House, 5 Mitchell Street Edinburgh EH67 BD 1
01183244336 Got two texts from a company called mcage in early hours of morning on the 15th of December: 'FreeMsg: Reminder. You are subscribed to Clausia for £4.50 per 1 week from Clausia Fze until you text STOP to 64055. HELP? 01183244333. I called vodafone to ask them what it is and to explain that i didn't subscribe to anything. I told them to block the texts and refund me but they said they couldn't (or won't more like). They said I have been charged 25p per text that was sent to me and they said they couldn't help as the company had billed me directly(?!), which doesn't make sense. I don't know if I have been charged £4.50 yet but by the sounds of things i will be, even though i didn't subscribe to this. It is clearly fraud. Any ideas on what to do to stop these villains? 2
07704021388 Same experiences as listed above but I use a Mac so string them along to waste their time. I pretend I'm doing as they ask, pretending to access my computer, then after a while I just say 'why are you phoning me as I use a Mac'. Phone goes dead... 1
03494565231 Just had a call of this number 24 hours after i've bought my new samsung galaxy s7 edge, one good thing with this phone it has a feature called Samsung Smart call, and that told me it was from PARTY PEOPLE LTD never heard of that company anyway I answered it and it was a slient call. 1
02356497925 A guy called 16/12/2016 said he was from Microsoft, I said "ok another spoof call" and he hung up! Dangerous 1
02081184481 Indian guy, speaks really really fast, wants a minute to ask questions. Hangs up if you ask questions. Block, Avoid. 1
01582213300 Don't be afraid of these idiots. They don't have your bank details unless you confirm them by email or telephone which I strongly advise everyone not to do. I just called them to inform them I will be calling the police as i know they are a scam and they should not contact me again... the Asian man on the other end replied and said " ok you can come with them and I will fuck you hard " which is the most VULGAR thing I have ever heard. DO NOT EVER CONFIRM YOUR BANK DETAILS. 1
01491775868 Asian sounding lady called at 1415 today claiming to be from BT and told me there were problems with my internet. When I replied that it was not convenient to talk at the moment and asked for her number in order to call her back she hung up. Avoid 1
07860063001 We have a family crisis on at present, but when I received a request for 'please call me back I have no credit' I double checked all mobiles we know might call- and NADA! Just a scam as it says. The UK police should be PROSECUTING these scammers! (And if the Chinese govt knew who they were they would HANG them! 2
01340074724 Usual friendly Asian from IT support offering to solve my problems, wished him a slow painful death after calling him a thieving **** 1
053787 053787 Just been called by someone with Asian voice claiming to be from BT told them where to go as obviousley a scam. IGNORE THIS NUMBER 1
02032872062 Just had a call from this number saying my IP address has been hacked. 'Kevin' with Indian accent was calling from BT technical department at the Head Office in New St. There is no technical office there it's the head office which anyone can get the address of. Hang up. Do not be taken in. Or perhaps have some fun and waste his time. 6
02087756657 Some woman (Indian) purporting to be from Microsoft. I didn't give her chance to start her spiel - just said it's a f***ing scam and put the phone down. How the hell can we stop this! They should be blocked from routing their calls through a UK exchange. TPS is useless. 3
01467646309 Another scam pretending to be from Microsoft windows. 1
5625135422 Scammers - don't answer! 1
2144803610 CreditCard Scammers 1
01618505264 Got the call but work for HMRC so know it is defiantly a scam. 1
1911862067 BT Router scam. 1
01550822405 Basically the same as above 17/11/16 she became quite annoyed with me when I said I'd had the bt outreach engineer out this morning and problem was sorted she said yes I know that's why she'd called & he'd found viruses on my computer I said I didn't have computer only a kindle and what was the engineers name, again she became very annoyed & said she was trying to help me eventually she put phone down! The engineer who came out hadn't asked anything about computer or anything he had been sent by sky to check a fault in the bt socket she didn't even know why he had been so alarm bells rang! Hope this helps someone as if alarm bells hadn't rung I would have thought it was bt outreach checking on their engineers work and have entered something on my internet to help her gain access! 1
01613729019 Cold call. Get several a day. I am blocking as many numbers as I can! Write to your MP. Make a YouTube video deploring these calls. Don't trust an Indian voice on the phone ever again. Nobody from Microsoft, your Bank or Phone supplier will ring you unsolicited. Put pressure on Indian government to stop these illegal Call centres and investigate the police in India who are being bribed, these criminals openly boast of paying them off. They waste many thousands of UK business hours per week with these scams. 1
01162962149 Nuisance 1
9415676503 Claimed to be Alec/Alex Williams from Microsoft Service desk. He tries to convince you your computer has been infected, he tries to tell you a CLSID supposedly belonging to your computer. He wants you to run some windows commands. It is a scam 1
01613900452 drug awareness program, seemed to now who i was and claimed that in April i agreed to participate in funding in local area and now they have 15000 local business on board they were ready to send out literature. when i asked under which company they gave my companies name. it looks like they are going through companies house and trying to scam people. i have asked for a recording of the call, as i know it does not exist, they said they will get and then slammed phone down. 1
5415551212 Scammer supposedly from Talktalk helpline reporting numerous problems with my modem, laptop etc. Offered to fix it for free. Called himself John - why do they think that by giving a fictitious English name they are going to fool anybody? - but could not disguise that all too familiar Indian accent of your typical scammer. When I asked him what part of the planet he was calling from he put the phone down. 1
01506461866 Indian accent. So Called Survey. Blocked Number 1
01631568494 Paul from Microsoft Security. Hung up when I told him I worked for Microsoft as well LOL 1
07704451311 Said he was from Microsoft Technical Support telling me I had a problem with my computer! Scam 1
02034814719 Offers a 'free diagnostic' to see what might be wrong with your computer. Claims they just want to help users and aren't selling anything. Website address they gave isn't real. Can't give an account of how they got my number. Female voice with Russian/East European accent, but claims to be in Hong Kong... but this number is in London. Must I say don't trust them? 1
7704451311 Said he was from Microsoft Technical Support telling me I had a problem with my computer! Scam 1
02037019267 SCAM WANTING BANK DETAILS Said I'd almost won an IPhone(yeah ok) Swiftly moved on to asking if I do the lottery, tried to sell me a load of tickets Foreign woman, bad English. must think people are stupid. SCAM WANTING BANK DETAILS 1
01212704564 Same number calling both directors trying to sell credit services. Asked not to call again, but have called repeatably. 1
01482676876 Missed this call but call history shows it has called several times 1
02032393946 Call received at 11.50am on a Friday morning saying my computer had downloaded some dangerous software I did't know about. Immediately suspected it was a dubious call as I don't have a laptop. They were trying to persist despite this! Had several calls like this recently 1
1613729019 Cold sales callers, hang up when queried about TPS rules. Which they have broken. 1
1213890862 Don't know who this is as they do not give me chance to answer phone, they ring 2/3 times a day 1
2036702369 Just keep calling,when i answer hungs up! 1
0711085751 They've called me 20 times since Monday, I blocked it using truecaller after the first call, but the app shows them still trying...tempted to pick up and threaten with police actiom cos surely that constitutes harrassment, right? 1
02081145677 Woman with Asian accent called regarding my subscription to Adult Dating Service. Told her I knew nothing about it and asked to remove me from the database - if one exists. She told me that would cost me £475. I put the phone down on her. 1
01256512365 Received silent call from this no on 13th Dec at 16.25pm. No message. Did not answer. This is one of at least a dozen I have had since 11th Dec so very fed up. Had another this morning from a different no. 1
01340075443 'Computer Support' wanted to 'help' me with my computer... 1
01622236284 3 calls in two day, answered the first one and they wanted me to confirm address details for a security check, two further calls since. At best cold calling at worst could be trying to scam information about your house, when ts empty and the type of security it has. Report to Police 1
01944532965 Rang this morning,16thDecember, obviously a call centre, the man was speaking so fast I could not understand what he was saying and ended the cal 2
01312022928 I have received several phone calls from this number about fictious competitions that I have entered. It is really annoying I have now told them that I am not interested so I wait to see if they call me yet again. 1
01109 Never answer, it's obviously a scam of some description. 1
12173455456 Caller said was from Talktalk technical and suggested I had problems with my internet connection. 1
01268776614 Man who called himself Max Google... wanted me to turn of my computer and download his software... err NO! 4
01613940000 Hi All. I have had a 'run in' with this person on a couple of occasions. Yesterday, I have decided to report them to the police for harassment (I have 16 calls within 20 minutes and another 10 after blocking the number). Same situation as described before. Very rude man asking for account holder, telling me that he will never remove our office number from his records as we have an account with Eon (we don't) and keeps calling even after I told him that nobody wants to talk to him. He calls himself Rony (name given to me is Vidje Kumar). I have spoken with another man, supposedly his manager Daniel (also Asian). 5
01895079282 I just didn't answer I was in a car and it was as soon as I entered Uxbridge. 1
01226490001 Called numerous times over a half hour period when my daughters were home. Told them we had a windows problem and he knew we had windows computers. (We have Macs) and accused them of lying! Stopped calling when one of them said they had reported the number to the police. 1
01284711660 This Pakistan man claiming to be TPS called asking do I get loads of survey calls and I said yes. I hung up on him because I am very poorly and about to throw up and told him I had to go and would he kept on saying it won't take long and he did not care of my illness. But they keep using another number with the last two digit different before this one and that number is: 01284711654. They are unsympathetic ass holes be carefull. 1
41435075149 Scam call about binary trading- I took the pee and the bloke got angry and said he would fook my wife!! 1
01613540935 See comments above 1
07860020472 why cant this be reported to the police and BT or whoever have to pass on details of owners etc so they can follow the money trail. 1
023485926 This number (023485926) is only 9 digits long instead of the mandatory 10 so it is a dead give-away that it is a scammer using a fake number. They called consecutively 3 times, on my system scammers are automatically diverted to "Its Lenny" (Google it). The first time they spoke to Lenny for 10 minutes, the second time for 3 minutes and the last time for 1 minute. Scammers must hate it when they realise they have been scammed themselves. :-) 1
01518081012 scam call 1
07768548568 07768 548568 This nuber called 3 time in 2 hours staring at 8am true to call back but unknown number comes up and disconnects now blocked on phone know one knows who they are 1
07464052795 this number is for a claim pack and want to know the address it was sent to 1
16477239929 Asking about a small business Kijiji Ad. Very dodgy questions. Don't give info as questions are asked in a way that gets as much info as possible. Obviously a scam artist. Male caller I would say based on voice no older than 35 years old 4
12368887099 Canadian french job giver for insane amount of money. surly a catch. un text de proposition de travail avec un salaire élevé, qui est sûrement une attrape. 1
9114688441 6 times I got miss call.I want to know before I call who is this ? 1
02084334480 Missed call from a number I don't recognise 1
01275848303 This persons keeps harassing me,Them and other persons who are with them. On my ex driectory number and they may be dangerous 1
8153833892 name:ghawshya durgahed age:17 from mauritius 1
01155603452 I miss a call from this number and i tried to call back it keep saying you have dial a wrong number please help me to find who is number it is 1
02013190813 SCAM - Insurance claims management sh1t bags. Indian guy - pure scum. 1
07440681819 Received 2 calls on my tablet which has a number that I haven't given out. The first time I didn't get to answer in time and the second hung up. Suspect it might be a scam or telemarketing call. Anyone any other info please? 1
18762803419 this is a 500 and you get!!!!! 63,000,000 ... he lives at the 222 Main street Vancouver,BC....thats the provincial law,lol,lol, ha ha ha ha ha ,, idiot, idiot, lol lol 1
02076062675 Telling me that I can reduce how much I pay on my phone card from £7 per month to £5 per month (even though I am on freebies and pay nothing!) 1
0114911150 They phone and just hung up. 1
01154870665 PPI and 'heard you had an accident' call. fraudulent 1
614682200 Called me and making fake name 1
8447778656 This person is a fraud he cheats people 1
8001836404 I have been receiving calls from this number for over 2 weeks! 1
02082936188 Want to know which recruitment agency called me 1
01254732000 Missed call unknown number no message left 1
01225690012 This number has repeatedly called my wife 7 times so far with no answer once I've asked him who it is what is it about keeps putting the phone down and calling me back 1
01156037051 Unknown with no message, probably fraud or hoax 1
01284711654 Got call now3 times from this number he asked if i was bothered by nuisance calls to which i answered yes and I'm on one now he said no you are not i replied i am and good bye 1
0749724400 unknown number keeps ringing 1
01215141321 Prerecorded cold-call message about claiming compensation from a car accident. 1
0110354601 Get calls from this number, but hangs up when answered 1
01612776652 Phones me persistenty. Nuisance. Probably dangerous if I answered. 2
02031299657 Have recieved a call from this number. Who is it? 1
5083920958 keeps calling. Don't know who it is and doesn't leave message 1
02036420996 unknown number to me ,so did not answer 3
4087866363 I don't know it is random and it is pusheen 1
03458396276 Automated call, said if I was(name) PRESS ONE IF NOT THEN PRESS 2 1
02032894455 Call a member of the family had been involved in an accident - car accident mentioned. I stated I was not interested in accident liability. Caller continued. I asked what company they were calling from (UK coutbound call centrs must give their actually company not client when asked). I asked the family name, incorrect surname, has not lived at this address for over 20 years if at all. At this point I explained they were in violation of Ofcom cold call practise, and their data was wrong so the data protectorate would need to be informed. I asked for details of the company secretary who is liable for the incorrect data. I got given the following info. mr david thompson 354 ballards lane london n12 0dd The above info is fake on searching the internet. They also gave the following info: Manager name Mr Johnson (could not give initials or surname). The call did not follow Ofcom guidelines and if data is held, it is incorrect. I will be writing to the data protectorate and ofcom.- not that it would do any good. 1
6098782043 Probably a robocall - answers, "Hello? Hello?" as if he does not hear you; then identified himself as American Home Security and caller ID says Hammonton, NJ; but a Google search finds no such business; then oddly it disconnected. I picked up the third call today before I blocked the number; it had called on previous days. 1
6782577243 Called this number out for being a scam. Woman who works there called back multiple times and left threatening and vulgar messages. 1
8589642329 Very rude and tries to sell you stuff and hangs up on you when you dont buy their stuff even when you stay really polite 1
5408568023 Virginia caller. Rung twice. No answer when picked up. 1
01618504599 this number is a scam saying they are from hmrs asking for money to be payed for some overpayments or a warrant will be issued if you do not pay straight away 1
02030954645 voice says HMRC is preparing a case against me 1
5156089830 Called asking for sex and I dnt know this person but they know my name 1
01419496610 Incorrect name details and wanted me to input details on laptop! I refused obviously 2
0719860651 Sends smses that threatens 1
5622004625 RoboCaller for CC company They say we have been monitoring your CC use & you qualify for a Zero % credit card rate. Be STUPID enough to believe this and answer all our questions about your Income, Workplace & $ you have in the bank & at home. 1
0204856329 Call him a pedo, he soon goes off the phone... 1
08450970208 Will call you telling you, you have been in a car accident 1
14164062799 4164062799 they asked for two different people said no to both .then they claimed they would call back .not sure who they are as they would not say they were Chinese guy .and very rude on the phone . 1
3613173257 wont say anything when number is called back 1
6016546496 Very creepy, called me about "credit card rates" and when I asked to be removed from the list, the person kept talking in a different language. I asked 3 or 4 times and every time they would respond in a different language and eventually hung up on me. 1
01613349252 Called claiming to be from talk talk, got annoyed when I said I used apple, they needed windows open to repair my connection 1
01207240095 Answered this number but nobody spoke on the other side it was just pure silence. 1
07796360095 Ambulance chasers. automated message telling you that you been in an accident that you haven't claimed for. 1
02833863661 Asked me to call them back, american accent. said her name was Ishmael. 1
0115094000 I have called ABSA and they said it was not them 1
1944743280 Receiving random texts from this number. The texts aren't a language, just random keys 1
4126185551 Hang up when I answer. Many calls over past month. 1
2818833750 he is a hobbyist client in good standing w me so far 1
2532700791 Has called me and I'm not sure who this person is 1
15752263213 this person keeps calling from new mexico 1
024522145 Asian man. Waffle. It's a con 1
01611000123 When I answered no one spoke - then an automated voice said "Goodbye" 1
01312362677 An arse asking about car insurance 1
6263402954 SCAMMING. offering free trips the the Bahamas and to Florida, asking for personal and important information 1
01617130283 Scam said I had won lines on euro million and a chance to win an iPhone 7, kept her chatting until she said can I have your sort code... 2
01235264789 Claiming to be from by. Could not answer my security questions scam 1
02077230741 Alert Credit Card Scam 2
08008830261 Barclaycard data breach 1
01743839182 Ppi scammers! 1
01213890852 Scammers 1
07484641222 Scam: Congratulation! Your mobile No. was selected as a winner of £2000,000.00 on EURO-MEGA DRAW with Draw no.EU-090687, Email us : for claim 1
0120131550 Got call from a guy today. Said he was from Marks &Spencers knew my name postcode and phone. Then he said what age bracket i was in then hung up. 1
01269604959 Suck you in then want credit card details - scam 1
01142235790 Asian woman claiming to be from the Halifax Bank, asked a couple security questions and then hung up. 1
01269604996 No message left! 1
08000128015 Claimed to be calling from my bank to do research. 1
08432898061 Said was from santader re transaction for £1940 from currys and to call if this was the case, this is not a valid number for Santander 1
57976 Took about 15 euro on me 2
6467571536 Investment scam 1
02031291533 Scam 1