Check phone number: 12245550142

Average rate: Harassing
Hazard level:
Number of searches: 132
Last checked: Mon, 13:15
Total ratings: 2 (Add comment)
Harassing persons, are also very dangerous. The most frequently, the harassing persons/units are: automatic machines checking availability, perverts, psychotics, vindicators, telemarketers.


2017-01-06, 12:54
Scammer regarding windows team , saying error on my pc . Yeah ok mate !!!!! Go get a Job and stopping scamming people . Hate email
2016-12-16, 14:10
I had a call from this number this morning - an Asian man saying he was from Microsoft and started talking about my computer. I told him that he shouldn't be calling me as I signed up to TPS but he just continued talking at me. I repeated this 3 times and he still continued with his pre-scripted talk. I then said that I wasn't interested 3 times and, guess what - he still continued talking as though I hadn't spoken. After the 3rd repeat he told me to "get lost" and I then hung up. I really must stop being polite and just hang up on these people. However, I really do like the idea of the whistle - must get one.

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