Check phone number: 03301596562

Average rate: Harassing
Hazard level:
Number of searches: 166
Last checked: 2017-10-08, 13:26
Total ratings: 3 (Add comment)
Harassing persons, are also very dangerous. The most frequently, the harassing persons/units are: automatic machines checking availability, perverts, psychotics, vindicators, telemarketers.


2017-01-12, 15:18
call on my mobile line closed after answer
2016-12-25, 18:30
I'm sick of them x 5 times a day and they hang up
2016-12-16, 16:51
Had my 18th call from this number this morning on my mobile individual at other end gave my name and I told enough was enough no more calls didn't get to complete conversation because he cut me off tried ringing the number to 0192539476 to be withdrawn from these calls again got just a Beep? When you call 03301596562 the operator says they are a CLAIMS HELP DESK and not to be concerned about the call? Action should be taken to these sort of calls.

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