Check phone number: 02111252104

Average rate: Harassing
Hazard level:
Number of searches: 481
Last checked: Fri, 05:32
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Harassing persons, are also very dangerous. The most frequently, the harassing persons/units are: automatic machines checking availability, perverts, psychotics, vindicators, telemarketers.


2017-02-14, 15:32
Called claiming to be from Govt sponsored organisation who could stop nusiance calls from abroad which thought strange as didn't think was possible. Asked her if any charges involved and said no it was free service so when she asked me for how my name was laid out on debit card I asked why? After I refused to answer question she admitted there was an initiation charge at which stage I replied "Good try and goodbye!"
2017-02-04, 01:55
Scam. Fake call blocking.
2017-01-16, 19:05
Answered it. No one spoke. Then an automated voice said "Goodbye" and the call ended. Apparently it's a scammer trying to sell a fake TPS service. they just want your credit card number
2016-12-15, 18:10
The phone rings and when I answer they hand up. They usually call around lunchtime. I have also had an automated voice alert stating that my credit card has been compromised, I immediately hung up on that call. I am .changing my phone number to try to escape these calls whether that will do any good I don't know.

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