Check phone number: 02087756657

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Watch out, this number is dangerous and answering them may be risky for you. You may lose your money or be cheated in other way. Never answer calls made from hazardous dangerous number.


2017-01-12, 10:27
Claimed to be from Microsoft telling me that my computer had been hacked - similar story to above entry - asked for all my banking and personal details. Threatening phone call when I said I thought he was a hacker. BEWARE - IDENTITY THEFT and POSSIBLY REMOVING MONEY FROM YOUR BANK ACCOUNT.
2017-01-09, 16:19
A female voice claiming to be from Microsoft went through a rigmarole of getting the Event Viewer up. I disconnected from the internet and obeyed. She then tried to tell me that these messages were all about hacker activity on my computer, then asked me to use Run to load Internet Explorer, which I do not have on this computer and I relayed the message "Windows cannot find iexplore". She tried again spelling letter by letter what I should type into the run box. That team member asked me to hold on while she tranferred me to someone more senior as the problem was ‘very serious’. Then a male came on claiming to be a Senior Microsoft Engineer and asked me to use Run to load which got the message "cannot find server". He asked me to confirm that the computer was connected to the internet, and I said, quite truthfully, that it was not. When that had been established he asked me to run "syskey" and click update. As I had now achieved 20 minutes of time wasting I said, "Perhaps I should tell you that for the last 20 minutes I have been lying to you, just as you have been lying to me. I have been wasting your time, but at least some other mug has not been swindled." He then suggested that a good move would be for me to die, so I hung up the phone.
2016-12-16, 15:23
Some woman (Indian) purporting to be from Microsoft. I didn't give her chance to start her spiel - just said it's a f***ing scam and put the phone down. How the hell can we stop this! They should be blocked from routing their calls through a UK exchange. TPS is useless.

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