Check phone number: 02032872062

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Watch out, this number is dangerous and answering them may be risky for you. You may lose your money or be cheated in other way. Never answer calls made from hazardous dangerous number.


2017-07-18, 16:11
Just had similar call as previous comments and this was the call back number. He even knew what town I was in. Thought it strange BT would ring though I'm a SKY customer.
2017-02-22, 13:05
22-02-2017 I have had this call a few times claiming to be BT technical department saying my internet is not safe and being hacked, as I explained I was at work and not sat in front of my computer, he then asked me to try my works one. I asked him for a number to call back when i was at home, he put me through to apparently the anti hacking department and this foreign guy calling himself john williams said he would talk me through changing my IP address. when I explained that I was not at home and requested a contact number to call back on he suggested he would call me when I got home. I again requested a contact number to call back on and he gave me the 02032872062. Nothing to do with BT, any calls like this need to be passed on to Fraud.
2017-02-21, 10:10
called this am.Said overseas hackers trying to help information.New my full name etc.asked whats my internet.she said bt.The previous owners were.I asked therer number she gave this number.LOts of noise in background.\\\\\\\\\\\\\at first believed her as my phone wasnt picking up wireless.Please never ever give out your passwords
2017-01-25, 10:44
2017-01-25, 10:10
Said BT technician foreign voice telling me my internet was being interfered with, go to screen and I needed to change the channel my IP address to 101. I am not with BT. Checked with my provider who said this is a scam put the phone down and don't say who I am with. Jordan with Indian accent said could speak to his supervisor. withheld number on my phone but he gave me this 0203 number to call.
2016-12-16, 15:25
Just had a call from this number saying my IP address has been hacked. 'Kevin' with Indian accent was calling from BT technical department at the Head Office in New St. There is no technical office there it's the head office which anyone can get the address of. Hang up. Do not be taken in. Or perhaps have some fun and waste his time.

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