Check phone number: 01613940000

Average rate: Dangerous
Hazard level:
Number of searches: 467
Last checked: Sun, 21:12
Total ratings: 5 (Add comment)
Watch out, this number is dangerous and answering them may be risky for you. You may lose your money or be cheated in other way. Never answer calls made from hazardous dangerous number.


2017-08-17, 16:31
2017-05-16, 14:38
***SCAM***, one of the strangest approaches to scam your electricity company. My wife told the man she will charge £1 per minute of her time for calls and asked the man does he accept the terms of this call. His response was he would charge £1000 to fuck her and no daytime call outs unless she pays extra. Ive had some wrong people phone with telesales skills before claiming to be our electric company but this one is special
2017-04-21, 20:54
Asian guy claiming to be from eon. Vile sexual predator who needs to be stopped. Animal!
2017-01-19, 15:09
Same thing here, just wanted to know who our supplier is, He said we had an account with them he said he was from E-ON we do not have an account with them and I wouldn't tell him who our supplier is. Just don't give any information. if you do just make it up. Hopefully it will cost them money!
2016-12-16, 11:22
Hi All. I have had a 'run in' with this person on a couple of occasions. Yesterday, I have decided to report them to the police for harassment (I have 16 calls within 20 minutes and another 10 after blocking the number). Same situation as described before. Very rude man asking for account holder, telling me that he will never remove our office number from his records as we have an account with Eon (we don't) and keeps calling even after I told him that nobody wants to talk to him. He calls himself Rony (name given to me is Vidje Kumar). I have spoken with another man, supposedly his manager Daniel (also Asian).

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