Check phone number: 01613900452

Average rate: Dangerous
Hazard level:
Number of searches: 163
Last checked: 2017-10-09, 04:44
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Watch out, this number is dangerous and answering them may be risky for you. You may lose your money or be cheated in other way. Never answer calls made from hazardous dangerous number.


2016-12-16, 13:57
drug awareness program, seemed to now who i was and claimed that in April i agreed to participate in funding in local area and now they have 15000 local business on board they were ready to send out literature. when i asked under which company they gave my companies name. it looks like they are going through companies house and trying to scam people. i have asked for a recording of the call, as i know it does not exist, they said they will get and then slammed phone down.

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