Check phone number: 01392973026

Average rate: Harassing
Hazard level:
Number of searches: 275
Last checked: Sun, 17:23
Total ratings: 4 (Add comment)
Harassing persons, are also very dangerous. The most frequently, the harassing persons/units are: automatic machines checking availability, perverts, psychotics, vindicators, telemarketers.


2017-02-26, 12:31
Ring several times a week wanting to discuss my pension
2017-02-17, 16:54
ringing up to six times a day over 2 days- havent answered as its an unknown to me . found it here when checking who's called me .
2017-02-17, 16:52
some pension rubbish , hung up on them
2016-12-15, 17:34
Wanted details of my pension!

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