Check phone number: 01268776614

Average rate: Dangerous
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Number of searches: 388
Last checked: Fri, 13:34
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Watch out, this number is dangerous and answering them may be risky for you. You may lose your money or be cheated in other way. Never answer calls made from hazardous dangerous number.


2017-01-20, 14:52
A call from someone with an Indian accent claiming to be from Windows, asking me if I was sitting at my computer. Clearly a scam, Microsoft don't make unexpected calls like this. The objective of the caller is to get you to give them access to your computer so they can put a virus on it.
2017-01-20, 09:09
Indian calling himself Sean saying he was calling from Windows. I know this scam so I said "Come on Sean - what's your real name - I know you're phoning from India". He chuckled and told me his name was Mohamed Habiz and a town in India where he was from. However, he would have been prepared to damage my computer and then have me pay a ransom to put it right again
2017-01-19, 10:26
Called today 19/1/17 and spoke English very slowly. My wife, who had taken the call, dialled 1471 to get this number :-(
2016-12-16, 11:42
Man who called himself Max Google... wanted me to turn of my computer and download his software... err NO!

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