Check phone number: 01133230669

Average rate: Harassing
Hazard level:
Number of searches: 752
Last checked: Sun, 21:12
Total ratings: 6 (Add comment)
Harassing persons, are also very dangerous. The most frequently, the harassing persons/units are: automatic machines checking availability, perverts, psychotics, vindicators, telemarketers.


2017-08-03, 14:01
harrassing and keeps calling
2017-05-31, 14:58
No idea what this number is or why they are ringing?! Sad
2017-05-06, 17:12
An overbearing Asian sounding gentleman was recorded trying to hold a conversation with my ansafone. Obviously used to talking over people without listening to them. Annoyingly had the name of a household member, and as usual mis-pronounced it. Unsolicited, unwelcome and will get no joy here.
2017-01-26, 14:33
rude caller attempting to procure information under the guise of a survey. when i said i didn't wish to participate and the details he had were incorrect; the caller was very rude and told me to go to hell
2017-01-18, 16:03
Persistent phone calls
2016-12-16, 13:22
7 times in a row asking for Mr lea keep saying wrong number but they won't listen or tell me who is calling

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